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Bring Your Business To Light

For over 100 years we have been at work designing and building brands and highly crafted signs in the Pacific Northwest and around the nation


Lasting impressions for your brand

Signage is a unique opportunity to present your brand identity. it’s often a potential customer’s first exposure, and you want an authentic impact that leaves a lasting, positive impression.

National Sign is here to help you craft that enduring identity. Working together, we’ll put forth an introduction you’ll be proud of.


Years of experience


Satisfied clients


Creating signage with unmatched attention to detail

The process begins with dialog between you and our broadly experienced team- our extensive knowledge of the industry will inform the creative solutions we propose.

From materials and new technology, to engineering and code requirements, our designers will give you high impact solutions with a thoroughly informed foundation you can trust.

We strive to make every partner feel that their project with National Sign will be a showcase of our vision and expertise, and a continuing example of industry defining work.


Results that stand out

Maintaining excellence without shying away from challenges has defined the product we’ve delivered for generations.

This combination of ambition and dependability has allowed National Sign to maintain our reputation as a leader in the field, and a trusted partner to a multitude of satisfied customers.


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Ballard Blossom

Ballard Blossom recently relocated their flagship store, providing National Sign an opportunity to elevate their curb appeal and design a truly integrated branding solution for the new site. This wraparound facade features a skeletal flower motif with dynamic, animated RGB color transitions that change with the seasons.

American Express Hall

National Sign’s ongoing collaboration with experiential marketing agency ImagiCorps has resulted in unique, challenging projects that deliver stunning results. This “infinity wall” display for the American Express Hall is at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena.

Fortune 500 Client – Bay Area

Animating LED displays cover this cube shaped comet installation. Utilizing traditional flat display technology in an eye popping and novel way demonstrates the type of innovation National Sign strives to maintain.