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Bring your business to light with

National Sign Corp.

For over 100 years we have been at work designing and building some of the most iconic signage in the Pacific Northwest and around the nation


Every project begins with an idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly formed, on a cocktail napkin or still in your head, we always start with your vision.


We combine old school sign shop techniques with integrated 3D modeling and production technologies to ensure a project’s cost-effective success.


Our team works efficiently to realize your project with a seamless in-house approach that delivers real results on-budget and on-time.


Lasting impressions for your brand

Like any business, of course, you want to attract customers. But you also know, deep down, that brash, bright, shiny marketing messages aren't enough. You need to stand out, and not just by shining brighter or over-saturating the world with yet another example of cookie-cutter branding.

National Sign Corp. is here to help craft an authentic message to make your brand memorable.


Years of experience


Satisfied clients


Crafting signage with unmatched attention to detail

A sign will be your most important advertising advertisement but *only if it is well-conceived.* And conceiving an arresting signage statement isn't about neon gas, electronic circuits, or a dazzling shade of peacock blue paint. The real process begins with the conversation you'll have with one of our experienced in-house artists. Our process is exacting and attentive to the unique brand identity of your business.

We'll cover all the practical bases of coding, permits, and quality engineering. But the foundation of that technical process is the creative process that happens between our artistic team and you.

Award Winning Artists
100+ Years in Business
Expert In-House Team
Crafted Custom Signage

100+ years in business 

100+ years in business 

100+ years in business 

100+ years in business 

100+ years in business 


Hand-crafted first impressions that win more business

Let's agree to build a sign that's beautiful, crisp, and authentic. Our agreement is to be ambitious, blending your story with our artistry and commitment to manufacturing excellence to make something iconic and distinctive.

Agree to this and we can make your sign work for you as a powerful marketing asset while also standing tall in the cityscape as a true work of art.



Fortune 500 Client – Bay Area

Animating LED displays cover this cube shaped comet installation. Utilizing traditional flat display technology in an eye popping and novel way demonstrates the type of innovation National Sign strives to maintain.

American Express Hall

National Sign’s ongoing collaboration with experiential marketing agency ImagiCorps has resulted in unique, challenging projects that deliver stunning results. This “infinity wall” display for the American Express Hall is at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena.
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Ballard Blossom

Ballard Blossom recently relocated their flagship store, providing National Sign an opportunity to elevate their curb appeal and design a truly integrated branding solution for the new site. This wraparound facade features a skeletal flower motif with dynamic, animated RGB color transitions that change with the seasons.

Ready to begin?

Your signage is the first thing customers will see when they approach your business. In that crucial, make-or-break moment, stand out! In a perfectly executed statement, show them your story. Contact us and let's schedule an appointment.

Neon | Interior | Wayfinding | LED | Digital | ADA | Electronic | 

Neon | Interior | Wayfinding | LED | Digital | ADA | Electronic | 

Neon | Interior | Wayfinding | LED | Digital | ADA | Electronic | 

Neon | Interior | Wayfinding | LED | Digital | ADA | Electronic | 

Neon | Interior | Wayfinding | LED | Digital | ADA | Electronic |